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Types of Massage

Swedish Massage~ The lighter touch of Swedish massage encourages general relaxation, increases circulation, decreases stress, and promotes restful sleep.

$40 ~ 30 min, $70 ~ 60 min, $100 ~ 90 min

Deep Tissue Massage~ Using increased pressure with focus on trigger points, "knots" can be releases at the source and along referral patterns to relieve muscle pain, decrease tension and stress, increase circulation, and relax tight muscles.

$40 ~ 30 min, $70 ~ 60 min, $100 ~ 90 min

Medical Massage~ This technique provides relief from signs and symptoms of common medical conditions such as: headache, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis/golfers elbow, heel and foot pain (plantar fasciitis), lockjaw (TMJ syndrome), stiff neck, and frozen shoulder

$40 ~ 30 min, $70 ~ 60 min, $100 ~ 90 min

Pregnancy Massage~ Customized to comfort you and your growing baby and prepare your body for childbirth. (Not recommended in the first trimester)

$40 ~ 30 min, $70 ~ 60 min, $100 ~ 90 min

Reflexology~ The whole body can be mapped out on the feet. Every nerve that runs through the body effects each muscle, bone, and organ, and end in your feet. Enjoy this relaxing treatment and learn what your feet reveal about you, while indirectly effecting the whole body.

$50 ~ 60 min

Aroma Touch Therapy~ Using a series of 8 essential oils, this treatment is done on the back and feet, and addresses stress, immunity, inflammation, and total body balance.

$50 single treatment ~ 40 min, $10 add on, included in 1-hour massage

Please respect a 24hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel within 24 hours, or no show, you may be subject to charges.

**Please ask about yoga and Doula services